Sunday, 11 September 2011

Turunkan berat dulu atau TTC?

Sekarang tengah dalam dilema.. Nak turunkan berat ni mmg dr dulu lagi tp asik turun naik turun naik.. Kalu terover nak turunkan berat takut plak kalau preggy menyebabkan keguguran..So, camana ye? ada pandangan atau cadangan?

Tapi macam nk turunkan berat je sebab dh pun mcm tetiba sakit itu ini.Mcm2 penyakit la bila dah gemuk @ oveweight ni..Ada kaitan dengan pregnancy jugak. Jadi, saya tukar plan la.3bulan ni nak usaha turunkan berat badan. Saya postpone jela TTC untuk tahun depan.Start from fresh .Lagipun fasa tension ni tak bagus pun untuk pregnancy.

Ni info pasal overweight :

Blood pressure
High blood pressure (hypertension) occurs more frequently in overweight people. Since hypertension can result in varying degrees of damage to the brain (stroke) and kidneys (degeneration) as well as the heart, it is essential that hypertensive overweight patients lose weight.

Lungs: In overweight people, an increased body volume must be supplied with oxygen by lungs that have not correspondingly increased in their size. In addition, the presence of thick pads of fat in the abdomen restricts breathing. Anesthetic risk is increased in overweight patients. Being overweight can be a special problem for asthmatics.

Gall bladder
A significantly higher incidence of gallbladder disease is observed in overweight patients than in those of normal weight. In one study, 88% of the 215 patients operated on for gallstones were found to be overweight.

Diabetes is more common in overweight patients than in patients of normal weight. In one group of studies, 70 to 85% of diabetics had a history of obesity. When an overweight diabetic loses weight, his diabetes often improves.

Pregnancy and surgery
Overweight can be a factor in producing difficult and prolonged labor due to abnormal positioning of the fetus. This can cause fetal distress, which, in turn, may complicate labor and delivery. In addition, severely overweight women have more difficult pregnancies and an increased occurrence of maternal and infant deaths. Surgical procedures are more difficult in overweight individuals due to the very bulk of adipose tissues.

Joint disease
A vicious cycle is set up in overweight patients with arthritis of the hip, knees, or feet, or in those who suffer from a ruptured intervertebral disc. Increased weight leads to greater wear and tear on these joints, which may become more irritated and painful. The increased discomfort forces the patient to become less and less active, thereby favoring further gain in weight.

atherosclerosis is the deposit of fatty material in the lining of the arterial wall. In can result in the rupture of the blood vessel or in narrowing of these vessels, which may lead to stroke or heart attack. Studies show that there is a marked increase in the occurrence of atherosclerosis in overweight people.

As one gains weight, the heart must work harder to supply nutrients to all tissues of the body. The greater the body mass, the greater the strain on the heart. There is a higher incidence of heart disease in people who are overweight.

Certain types of hernias, involving displacement of the upper part of the stomach into the chest cavity, are more prevalent in overweight individuals than in those of normal weight.

The omentum
Many overweight people assume that their pot-bellied appearance is due to not fat but to a protruding stomach. Actually, their shape is only partially due to the accumulation of fat under the skin; most of the bulge results from fat accumulation within the abdominal cavity - in the omentum.

Baby fat
Baby fat is not cute. When excess weight is gained during childhood, the number of fat cells in the body increases. Since the fat cells in the body increases. Since the fat cells developed in childhood remain throughout life, it becomes exceedingly difficult to lose weight as an adult.

Adipose tissue
Adipose (fat) tissue is composed of cells which are highly elastic and contain varying amounts of fatty deposits acquired via the bloodstream. The tissue is situated throughout the body - under the skin in protective pads covering vital organs, and in association with muscles. Excessive fat deposits are found in virtually all soft tissues and organs in overweight people. The degree of overweight depends upon the number of fat cells present and the amount of fat they contain. In the course of weight reduction, fat cell volume is decreased, but the number of fat cells remains constant.

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p/s: target turunkan 5kg dalam 3bulan..teruskan usaha..lepas ni kena buh ticker menurunkan berat badan la pulak..kalau ada rezeki dalam 3 bulan ni alhamdulillah kena stop turunkan berat badan,,hehe


  1. turunkan brt dulu..saya pon plan cmtu..jom2

  2. salam perkenalan :))
    cayooookkkk jom pose 6 :)

  3. eida: jom jomm
    leeda: dah start planning semula ke?
    st: jom
    miss: yang baby tu bukan baby u ke miss?

  4. alamakkk kenalah turunkan berat gak ni. hasil clomid menembamkan badan lah :)